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Tanning Bed Before And After Pics Gym Hardcore Only Please?

Gym hardcore only please? - tanning bed before and after pics

This determination in 3 hours, if not reported many answers today lol. I was in a collection cycle, and finally huge. 355x4 I met on the bench in the autumn - 150lber Dumbbell flat bench 4 representatives - incline bench press 315x3 - 555x 5 Squat - 110 pounds curls preacher 6 - 225x3 seated military press - 5 groups of 5 wide grip pullups - and turns on only. I just got to 20 pounds on the elevator, however. I'm 6'1 302 pounds. I want to reduce base, but I'm afraid my number for a lift to leave. The last time I did cardio and skiing in my routine, I have not much cut. I dropped to 240 pounds, but has more than 75 pounds from my bank lost on average. I am, because it seems to me. I love great honesty. As you can without cutting the basic lifts? I want to keep the size of the chest and shoulder area. I know I need this bad lmao Here are pictures of the upper body ...
High-protein diet, rich in calories. Normal day breakfest 6 eggs, 4 Peices toast, a room package of bacon. After the earthquake of protein formation, 2 packs of Imation crab meat, 4 yogurt, 2 sacks of rice. Chicken breast dinner, sweet corn, mashed potatoes and a box of cereal before bedtime. Multivitamins before training. 3 Duration of the training 4 days and 1 day. Thus, 5-6 days / week


Chilli said...

Accept that you need to decide at this point for breaking strength or hypertrophy? These are two quite different methods of training. REP Now your range is very low. Remember that the power athletes are stronger, but not as big as bodybuilders. Muscle Determ not necessarly the tensile strength of a muscle.

To keep the size to ensure that their work in a wide hypertrophy REP approx. 7,10
Nothing less samples are size 6, but it takes much longer.

Levant good numbers, but if size is your goal must be to reduce the growth lifts and some representatives.

If, after that the tensile strength. the strongest form of training worlds man, then you're in the right direction.

Ultimately, your choice when you reach a certain point that specialize in their training plan.

Good Luck

Sports Science Degree

Flizbap said...

Damn, that sounds like a request to the Sherdog strength and power boards or T-Nation.

I doubt that anyone be able to help, here ...


If you legnthening your workout at least an hour or more to the basic writings include / cardio, you should make sure that you eat enough complex carbohydrates. This means that the consumption of bread, pasta, cereals, rice, snacks, etc. These foods are the muscles of renewable energy to prevent burning. Simple carbohydrates in white rice, pasta or refined to find downloads for energy well, but not build on strength endurance. What happens to the many people who are trying to do too much too fast, they do not eat well, eat too much or too little water. When this happens, are the muscles depleted of nutrients very quickly, so if you try to lift weights, you will not be able to so much as one would normally increase. To make sure you do not bury too many calories if you eat well and give your body time to recuperate after a long session. Everyone is different, so it is necessary to keep trying until you find what works for you. But do not expect to start doing serious heart and core work and still have enough energy toThey say so much you increase immediately. If it accumulates slowly, you will have success. Good luck.


Liz said...

OK, now I feel like the guy in the Excedrin commercial, "I'm not a doctor, but a game on TV ..."
So I'm not a bodybuilder, but my sister is competing as an amateur. It was a couple of diets, fat, but to preserve muscle, bodybuilder, lose a few other things as the loss of water and your skin like tissue paper on the day of competition, but I'll tell you what worked for them with something in bulk:

In his first diet, the proteins, carbohydrates were not very little fat. She ate only the egg whites, chicken, white fish, steamed a total of only 50 grams of carbohydrates per day just before the competition - it's like 1 1 / 2 cup cooked oatmeal and sufficient. I had no energy, no focus, and chop-bay worldwide. Raised 5 days a week and cardio two. The muscular, but it was pure and absolute purgatory for them and everyone around him.

The new diet - which is much better for them and for those of us who have to do with him, and I think the worse for its competitors, as it now starts to win - that's stillProtein heavy diet, but carbohydrates are up to 200 grams per day, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water (what was) the tissue of the skin and must be kept to a minimum of fat (from 0, you can now have 15 grams of fat per day ). She is 5'6 ", weighs 120 pounds and 180 seats. Alternate cardio and less weight as he prepares for competition, then 1 days cardio and light weight: heavy weighs at least 2 days.

As for your picture and your diet does not think it's just too, too much fat in the diet. Some minor changes:
- Try eggbeater instead of whole eggs
- Toast
- The bacon With so many eggs can kill them (which is too thick!), O Egg Drop to 2-3 and 4 ounces fat-free ham or turkey 4 ounces of turkey breast pasties have (not much, and freeze them, find the course a Recipe from the net)
- Protein shake after lifting weights, electrolyte drink after cardiopulmonary bypass --
- Lunch - excess carbohydrates. Yogurt and crab meat is a good diet. Cut rice into a cup. Sis for them to eat brown riceCarbohydrate process over a longer period. The rice is like white sugar, peak and crash.
- Dinner - too many carbohydrates, broccoli or green beans for the exchange of potatoes.
- Box of cereal before bedtime? no! Instead of some Clif bars and a day as a snack - a time when you need a truck. Definitely not before bedtime.

Needless to say, that drinking lots of water ...

be sure to take a multivitamin with a whole range of minerals ...

and to keep the uprising.

Good luck

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